Repairs and Service

We provide repairs and service to all makes and models of hearing aids. 

Adult Hearing Tests & Screenings

We offer Adult Hearing Screening and Complete Adult Hearing Assessment. The first step to understanding any hearing loss is to determine the degree and nature of the loss. Typical hearing tests require a 1 hour appointment. During this time our hearing instrument specialist checks the ears for any contraindications to testing, takes a complete client history and reviews any past test or hearing aid experiences. We afford lots of time for questions and encourage clients to bring along a friend or family member. Once the testing is complete we review the results with the client.  This appointment can be booked without a referral.  There is no fee and no obligation.


Reprogramming for New Clients with Existing Hearing Aids

If you have hearing aids that are no longer meeting your needs, we may be able to reprogram them to better assist you.  Call our office and book a consultation with our Hearing Instrument Specialist.  We will ensure that the aids are working properly and discuss the option of reprogramming them, if required.

Gifted Hearing Aids

It is important that you always get the advice of a professional before you put anything in your ear or before you buy hearing devices online. Book an appointment with us and we can take a look at your hearing aid or hearing device together and provide our advice on the feasibility of using a gifted aid.


Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repair

If your hearing aid isn’t working properly it may be possible to restore it with a cleaning. We offer cleaning and repair services for all makes and models of hearing aids regardless of where they were purchased.  At the same time we can examine your ear canals and manage any earwax that may be interfering with your hearing aid.  


If you aren’t sure if you have legitimate hearing concerns,

Why We Do What

We Do

While hearing aids might be the best option for better communication, for some this is a big step. We believe that providing clients with information about their hearing loss as well as steps that may be taken to improve their ability to communicate is one of the most important roles that we serve. Once they understand their loss and the impact that it may be having on their communications, most people are eager to see if amplification will benefit them.  Armed with information and being educated on their loss puts our clients in a position to partner with us in finding the right solution to meet their needs.

Should You Buy Hearing Aids Online?

Fitting a hearing aid is not something that is easy to do, as there will always be inherent risks associated with a wrong fitting. While we do not advocate for purchasing hearing aids online, if you are thinking about buying a hearing aid online, come and talk to us first. We can help prevent a bad choice. Making a bad choice on a hearing aid often proves to be an expensive and potentially dangerous lesson.

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