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Buying a hearing aid can seem like an overwhelming decision. There are so many options, brands and features. This is one of the bigger decisions in your life right now and you can’t afford to spend your money on ineffective hearing solutions. Knowing which one is right for you takes the guidance of an expert who cares.  We provide you with information and educate you on your own hearing loss.  Finding the solution is something that you can then be a part of.  We work towards the best hearing solutions together.

Hear the Joke the First Time

We know that dealing with hearing loss is difficult.  It can leave you feeling isolated… left out of the conversation. You don’t have to feel that way. We offer a comfortable, relaxed, and personal approach to address a client’s hearing concerns. We don’t put pressure on you, we just give professional opinions and suggestions to consider.

We Explain:

  • The impact of hearing loss on you and your loved ones
  • The limitations of amplification
  • Possible solutions for hearing loss
  • How to manage your own personal hearing solution
  • How to make the right decision based on budget and lifestyle

Getting Started is Easy.

The first step in your journey is taking a hearing test. We don’t require a referral from a doctor or previous hearing specialist. We offer a no charge 1-hour hearing assessment.  We meet with you, talk about your concerns, test your hearing and review your test results.  Once your hearing assessment is complete, we are better able to discuss next steps.

All of our hearing aid sales come with our

“No Fee, No Obligation 2-Month Trial”.

If you don’t like your hearing aid after two months we’ll take it back.

First Time Hearing Aids

Hearing loss isn’t easy.  But we can partner with you to get through it together. We work to set realistic expectations for you and your loved ones.

We include upfront support and advice with every hearing aid purchase. We will make sure you get the right fit and features to address your hearing loss.  These needs may or may not include a hearing aid. This could be something as basic as cleaning wax from your ears or something more advanced like a referral to a medical specialist.  If you are getting hearing aids for the first time, we encourage you to involve a family member.  We can help you and your family understand your hearing challenges and introduce effective coping strategies to improve communication. Don’t hesitate to make a call. We want what’s best for you…No obligations.

4 Simple Steps to Better Hearing

  1. Assessment. Take the test.
  2. Advice. Review the results and plan next steps.
  3. Counsel. Bring your loved ones to learn coping strategies together.
  4. Services and support. Get ongoing advice, servicing and support when you need it

Who Should Consider a Hearing Test?

Realizing that you have a hearing impairment is a real surprise for many people. As hearing loss is generally a fairly gradual event, often times it’s the people around you who first notice that you may have a problem. We provide support and help our clients understand and accept that they have a measured decline in their hearing ability. Once they see it on paper, and face the impact that it may be having on their lives, it begins to become real to them. By taking our time and listening to our clients we are able to work towards a solution that improves their ability to communicate. For some this is a long process, while others are ready to jump in with a hearing aid trial. Whatever the case, we ensure that our clients feel prepared for each step in the process.  

If you aren’t sure if you have legitimate hearing concerns,take our free online hearing test.

Upgrades or Replacements

The effective working life of a hearing aid is between 3-5 years.  After that time, a replacement hearing aid is required.  This is a great opportunity to try out new product and features that might not have been available when you purchased your last hearing aids.  With the pace of improvements in the world of hearing aids, it is quite a pleasant surprise when you are able to realize better performance with new hearing aids.  Certainly, it is also a fact that hearing tends to deteriorate over time.  As we age, we are not as able to process complex listening environments like we once did.  This is often when upgrading to products with more sophisticated processing can allow you to keep participating in activities that you enjoy.

Make the Right Choice

Not Sure About Making a Purchase Within your Budget?

Hearing Aids are available at a large range of price points.  All of the hearing aids that we fit at Ellis Hearing are excellent hearing aids.  Our job is to find hearing solutions that address our clients lifestyle and their budget.  Working closely with our clients we are able to find solutions that address their needs and stay within their budget.  We want them to be happy with their purchase and to feel that they have been able to improve communication without compromise.

Worried About Choosing the Wrong Product?

We offer a No Obligation 2 month trial with all of our hearing aid purchases.  During the trial period we see our clients often, ensuring that they are well supported while they are trying new product.  We have found that this trial really allows our clients to recognise the many benefits of amplification, without the worry of being committed.  Additionally, it helps us determine if we have chosen the right features and options for their lifestyle.  This trial period results in very happy customers, who have been able to be a part of the hearing solution.

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