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Do I have to wear two aids?


For people who have hearing loss in both ears the answer is YES!! We are designed to have two ears working equally. This is the way the brain is built. Certainly for those who can’t handle 2 aids, it is better to use a single aid, rather than none at all. The goal however should be to work towards binaural amplification (2 hearing aids). When we get closer to having 2 ears working equally, we take best advantage of the natural “wiring” from the ears to the brain.

How long do hearing aids last?


Hearing aids are designed to last between 3-5 years. While some aids may last longer than this with good care. The larger factor with hearing aids these days is the ever changing technology that is available. While an aid may still be functioning well into the 6th or 7th year, the technologies available may have changed significantly, prompting a client to replace their older aids with newer more effective technology.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?


The cost of hearing aids is really divided into two parts: the Hearing Aid and the services. The cost of the Hearing Aid reflects the research and development that went into the making of the device. The technology installed in a hearing aid is often as small as the tip of a matchstick with significantly more power than a laptop computer. The service portion of the price includes a comprehensive hearing evaluation, an individual recommendation of devices that address the client’s loss, lifestyle and handling abilities, computerized hearing aid programming and adjustments, counselling and rehabilitation services.

What is the price of hearing aids?


Hearing aid prices can vary dramatically depending on the level of technology required. It is only after a hearing assessment that a professional is able to recommend the appropriate type of hearing aid and technology level required to address the needs, lifestyle and budget of a client.

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