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Having relationships with multiple leading edge manufacturers gives us the freedom to select the right model, fit and price point for each individual client. As an independent locally owned business we are able to offer hearing aid sales, service and repairs to all makes and models of hearing aids.

We select leading manufacturers, deliver the latest products, and offer the best warranties to our clients.

We are constantly attending new product seminars and training sessions to be informed and educated on the latest products and discoveries in the world of hearing.  Our keen interest in staying abreast of the most current information sets us up to be experts in our field.

Our Product Manufacturers

Considering Buying a Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids have different styles, price points and levels of sophistication. Whether you live in a private suite in a long-term care facility or teach in front of a class in a college, we strive to match the model and features of the hearing aid with your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Types

Completely in Canal (CIC)

These hearing aids fit completely into your ear canal. They are sometimes referred to as “invisible”. 


In the Canal (ITC)

This hearing aid model is slightly larger than the CIC hearing aid, but still provides a very discrete appearance.  The entire hearing aid fits inside of the bowl of the ear.


In the Ear (ITE}

The ITE or FullShell style of hearing aid, fills most of the bowl of the ear.  It is the largest of the custom hearing aids models.


Behind the Ear (BTE)

With Behind the Ear style, the body of the hearing aid sits behind your ear.  A tube that runs from the hearing aid to the earpiece that fits inside of the ear canal.


Receiver in the Canal (RIC)/Receiver in the Ear (RITE)

Receiver in the Canal/Ear style hearing aids sit behind the ear.  They have a wire that runs for the body of the hearing aid, along the front of the ear and into a receiver that fits in the ear canal.

Some Optional Hearing Aid Features

Bluetooth/Wireless connectivity

Advancement in the connectivity of hearing aids allow many of today’s models to connect to other bluetooth devices for audio streaming.  For example you can connect your cell-phone to your hearing aids to allow for greater ease when listening on the phone.  These are optional features that may be of benefit, along with the hearing aids.

Smart Phone Apps

Many of today’s hearing aids also offer the ability to use your cell phone to help control your hearing aid features and functions.


Rechargeable batteries, as well as rechargeable hearing aids, are starting to make there way into the hearing aid world.  We have many options and styles that are available with rechargeability.

Hearing Aid Accessories

There are so many accessories available today.  These high tech devices are able to be paired with your hearing aids to achieve greater functionality that with hearing aids alone.  They make it easier to hear telephone or TV.  As well as enabling Bluetooth connectivity.  

A Few of the Accessories on the Market

Roger Clip-On Mic from Phonak. The mic will ‘automatically adjust to noise levels and speakers around you’, thus allowing you to move from room to room at a party without having to manually adjust your volume between rooms.

Uni-Dex from Widex. Talk hands-free when using a cell phone so you can finalize your next plans for the day while you are driving.

ConnectLine phone adapter from Oticon. Chat more easily on your landline home phone, so that you can hear your friends and family when they call.

Additional Products

Battery Sales

We carry all sizes of hearing aid batteries at very reasonable prices.

Earmold Products

 We provide fully customised swim molds, musician’s molds and noise protection as well. 

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices are most commonly used without hearing aids.  They are often something as simple as a listening system for TV.  

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