Hearing Services

We offer a comfortable, relaxed, and personal approach to address a client's hearing concerns. No pressure, just professional explanations of your hearing loss, it's impact, and possible solutions for your consideration. We take the time to ensure that you understand your loss, recognize the limitations of amplification, and can easily manage your own personal hearing solution.

Sound Assessment

We offer Adult Hearing Screening and Complete Adult Hearing Assessment. The first step to understanding any hearing loss is to determine the degree and nature of the loss. Typical hearing tests require a 1 hour appointment. During this time our hearing instrument specialist checks the ears for any contraindications to testing, takes a complete client history and reviews any past test or hearing aid experiences. We afford lots of time for questions and encourage clients to bring along a friend or family member. Once the testing is complete we review the results with the client.

Sound Counsel

Reviewing assessment results with clients is a very important part of our process. We provide easy-to-understand explanations, outlining options for amplification and offering professional recommendations. This is done while ensuring that the individuals needs, abilities and budgets are taken into account. We also offer family counseling services to ensure that all family members understand the client’s hearing challenges and how to use effective coping strategies to improve communication.

Sound Advice

While hearing aids might be the best option for better communication, for some this is a big step. We believe that providing clients with information about their hearing loss as well as steps that may be taken to improve their ability to communicate is one of the most important roles that we serve. Once they understand their loss and the impact that it may be having on their communications, most people are eager to see if amplification will benefit them.  Armed with information and being educated on their loss puts our clients in a position to partner with us in finding the right solution to meet their needs.

Sound Support

Realizing that you have a hearing impairment is a real surprise for many people. As hearing loss is generally a fairly gradual event, often times it’s the people around you who first recognize that you may have a problem. We provide support and help our clients understand and accept that they have a measured decline in their hearing ability. Once they see it on paper, and face the impact that it may be having on their lives, it begins to become real to them. By taking our time and listening to our clients we are able to work towards a solution that improves their ability to communicate. For some this is a long process, while others are ready to jump in with a hearing aid trial. Whatever the case, we ensure that our clients feel prepared for each step in the process.

Sound Services

We are committed to ensuring that we are educated in the latest hearing aid technology. Staying current is critical in the world of hearing aids, especially today, when digital amplification is constantly improving. In addition to providing our clients with the latest in Hearing Aid Technology, Ellis Hearing Aid Service provides fully customized swim molds, musician’s molds and noise protection as well. We also offer repairs and service to many different brands of hearing equipment. We are so much more than a hearing aid store! Click to find out more about our products and what we have to offer.